• Sarah Paulson


    "Auditioning can be a nerve wracking experience, but it's a necessary evil, it can't be avoided... But anytime I saw that I would be going in to read for Amy Christopher or Marcia Debonis, was a time when I knew I could let go of my nerves. I knew I would be walking into a welcoming room full of support, love and most importantly, a room where there was a casting director with impeccable taste and a discerning eye... AND (as if there needed to be anything else!) they are both in love with actors! They actually want us to succeed, to get the job, to win the room.

    That feeling, I can honestly say, led to me getting a job on more than one occasion, and it's my belief that without them, it wouldn't have happened. So the idea that they have joined forces means that more actors are going to have an opportunity like no other, with support that can be a total game changer. Not just one pair of discerning eyes, but two of the best! The Tape Room is going to change the experience of auditioning, essentially Making it possible to have the luck of having Amy or Marcia casting everything you are reading for... Thank GOD"

  • Michael Emerson


    “It seems I’m always being asked to put something on tape and the idea of doing it at home has always filled me with dread and apprehension! Knowing that I can do it with talented friends at the Tape Room has made it the pleasurable prospect it was supposed to be! And you couldn’t ask for keener critique and guidance than you’ll get from Marcia and Amy!"

  • Nicole Kang

    "BAT GIRL"

    "It's rare that you get a whole hour to craft a tape with a casting director! TTR offers so much more than just the mechanics of making a tape or coaching a scene. There's technique which they provide, but in every successful tape there's always an X factor that's uniquely yours that TTR helped me identify and bring to every audition, and ultimately every project. And that's what makes a tape stand out. I have years with Meghan, Amy & Marcia to thank for that. Eventually they could watch a tape of mine and tell me with certainty, ’that's the one.' I owe them quite a lot.”

  • Dipti Mehta


    "Tape room is my go to place for self tapes. The girls are simply amazing, the energy in the room is always uplifting and calm. They guide you perfectly through the scene with ease and warmth. I have found my tapes to be solid with a really professional look. They are experts when it comes to the craft AND the technical aspects of taping, I am always happy with the end result & love working with them.”

  • Daniella Pineda


    "You know how people say NY pizza and bagels taste so good because of the water? This place is the everything bagel of your dreams. I booked a small Indie film called JURASSIC WORLD 2 from taping with them, among other shows and films. These are casting directors who used to head at places like Fox but decided to operate independently. Other places are going to be actors who put other actors on tape, which is fine but you won’t get the same expertise. Period. Your buck goes a long way here. They were some of the first of their kind in NYC. There is no way I would be where I am without them. I wish I could put them in a suitcase and take them everywhere I go but I can’t so don’t be stupid. GO TO THE TAPE ROOM.”

  • Josh Segarra


    “Quiet the voices. Be in the moment. Listen. Respond truthfully.” These are the things I try and tell myself before every audition. Honestly though, sometimes are much easier than others. At the Tape Room, I always felt like that was on the much easier side. Why? Because I know I’m in good hands. Marcia, Amy, and Meghan all have an incredible eye and always seem to help me “get there”. Get to that place where I can just “Quiet the voices. Be in the moment. Listen. Respond truthfully.” 

    I can’t control how the tape is received. I can’t control how they see it on the other end. Heck. Who even knows if anyone presses play right? But what I can control is what is on my end. Having a place like the Tape Room, having Amy, Marcia, and Meghan, I’m a lucky cat."

  • Ato Essandoh


    “You guys... I don’t want to sound hyperbolic but the Tape Room is the absolute BEST.  Like seriously.  THE BEST.  Sure you get a high quality, great sounding, perfectly lit and framed audition tape (instead of the one you shot in your apartment with a bedsheet as your back drop)… But also- and this is key- your reader and coach is an actual CASTING DIRECTOR (Not your roommate who’s great but come on who’s got time for you?).  Oh and by the way, these CASTING DIRECTORS CAN ACT!  That’s like cheating.  Not for nothing but I booked 2 series and a movie straight from the Tape Room...“ Straight. From. The. Tape. Room.  Like seriously why am I even writing this?  If you all start coming then it’ll be harder to book times with them…. But really  I can’t say enough about the Tape Room.  They are the ABSOLUTE BEST”.

  • Ana Gasteyer


    "Say farewell to the sweaty, echoey, shadowy taped auditions of yore and make an appointment at the Tape Room. Amy and Marcia have created an amazing resource for New York actors!"

  • Carrie Preston

    "TRUE BLOOD", "THE GOOD LIFE" (Emmy Winner)

    "Auditioning often comes with challenges, unique and personal to each actor. It says a lot about the Tape Room that when I go there, I don’t feel like I’m auditioning. I feel like I’m acting.

    What a relief to have a place to go where I can concentrate on solving a scene with other like-minded people, and then walk away knowing I gave it my best shot."

  • Kate Burton


    "Amy Christopher and Marcia DeBonis have long been regarded as two of the best casting directors in the business and have joined forces to create an environment where you can do your best audition. Their combined wealth of experience, their incredible taste, their ability to connect and work with actors' representation and producers and directors, their ability to use state of the art technology and to create an attractive audition setting and their unflagging and thoughtful esteem for actors and for the process of acting is an unbeatable combination.

    My relationship with casting directors has guided my career since I stepped out of Yale over 30 years ago and so much has changed in how one auditions for roles in film and television. More and more it has become virtual but we all yearn for a more fulfilling experience where we really feel we can put our best foot forward. Amy Christopher and Marcia Debonis have created such a place. They emerged, as we all did, from classical beginnings but have brought their ever changing cutting edge sensibilities to their new, unique and exciting partnership."

  • Monica Raymund


    "Amy Christopher is one of the few casting directors who always made me feel at home. She consistently fosters an environment for the actor to explore his or her best work. She is incredibly skilled at supporting every actor who works in front of her and her demeanor exudes such a fun and laid back energy, one can't help but want to take risks in the room."