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Marcia DeBonis


(Founder, Owner, Actress, Casting Director)

After receiving a BA in Theatre Arts from UCLA, Marcia began an acting career that has spanned - gulp - over 30 years.  Tired of waitressing, she began an additional career as a casting spanning 25+ years.  This unique combination - understanding both “sides” of the table - was Marcia’s inspiration for starting the Tape Room with Amy.

Film acting credits, among many, include “Sully", "That’s What She Said” (Sundance Film Festival), "Bride Wars", "Twelve and Holding” and "13 Going on 30”. TV acting credits, among others, include recurring roles on “Orange Is the New Black”, “Homeland” & “Lipstick Jungle” as well as guest starring roles on “Social Distance” “The Other Two”, “The Deuce”, High Maintenance”, “Sneaky Pete”, “The Big C” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, where she was accused of “upstreaming” by Larry David.

In theater, Marcia has worked extensively in NYC and Regionally (see full bio for specifics).

Casting-wise:  from 1999 to 2007 Marcia cast for 20th Century Fox Studio, covering pilot season in NY where one of her proudest achievements was casting Tony Hale, Will Arnett and Jessica Walter in the “Arrested Development” pilot.  From 2010 to 2013 Marcia worked for NBC, covering pilot season as well as casting the series “Next Caller”. Additionally, Marcia was the co-casting director on the films “The Rest of Us”, “Before/During/After”,  "Morning Glory", "Changing Lanes", "Bride Wars", "Tadpole" and "What Lies Beneath” as well as several others as Ellen Lewis’ associate.  She has worked with the film directors Gary Winick, Robert Zemekis, Doug McGrath, Stanley Tucci & Julie Taymor. 

Marcia has been a guest teacher at Juilliard, Yale, Wagner College, The Actor’s Center and the Chautauqua Theater Company.  She is a proud founding member of the Drama Desk winning theater company, The Barrow Group, and she also spent several years as the casting director for the Atlantic Theater Company.  She continues to play on the Atlantic softball team in the Broadway Show League.  Go, ATC!!!

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     Marcia DeBonis and Amy Christopher first met in 2003 when Amy was VP of Casting for the Fox Broadcasting Company and Marcia was covering pilot season for Fox Studio.  They soon discovered they they had a shared sensibility about casting, particularly when it came to the way that they felt actors should be treated.  It is this shared belief that led them to open The Tape Room: that their job as casting directors is about creating a warm, welcoming place where actors can feel safe and free to do their best work. 


     Most importantly, they wanted to combine their experience and knowledge to provide a place where actors can thrive in a warm and caring environment.

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illustration by Minimalish


Amy Christopher

(Founder, Owner, Casting Director)

Amy Christopher was born into a show business family and grew up surrounded by entertainers. Her favorite part of casting has always been working with actors, and joining forces with Marcia DeBonis seemed the perfect way to both apply her vast experience and knowledge, and partner with someone who shares similar sensibilities. 

After receiving a BA in Theatre from Bennington College, she pursued a career in casting which has now spanned over 20 years. It goes without saying that Amy’s many credits speak for themselves, but to write them all down here would just be boring. Instead, here are the spark notes:

She landed her first casting gig at The Roundabout Theatre Company (1997-2003), casting both Broadway and off-Broadway productions (The Man Who Had All The Luck, Juno And The Paycock, Major Barbara). At the same time she also cast The Williamstown Theatre Festival’s Main Stage and Nikos Stage productions, notably: As You Like It, The Rivals, Street Scene, and The Taming Of The Shrew. She has worked with directors John Crowley, Scott Ellis, Joe Mantello, Nicholas Martin, Dan Sullivan, Christopher Ashley, David Warren, Darko Tresnjak, and Michael Grief, just to name a few.

From 2003 to 2013 Amy served as Vice President of Casting for Fox Broadcasting Company, casting both pilots and television series including “24”, "Prison Break”, “Glee”, “Bones”, “Raising Hope”, “House”, “The New Girl”, “That 70’s Show”, “Malcolm In The Middle”, “The O.C.”, “Lie To Me”, “Fringe”, “Arrested Development”, and ”Touch”. She recently co-cast the films Before/During/After and The Rest Of Us, and the Pulitzer Prize winning play Water By The Spoonful (Mark Taper Forum).  Amy has been a guest teacher at Juilliard, Yale, Brown, NYU, The Actors Centre & The Atlantic Theatre Company. 

Please don’t bother looking Amy up on IMDB, she will eventually get around to putting up her credits but in the meantime just ask her for her resume. 


Ruby Christopher

(Head of IT)

Ruby’s beginnings are shrouded in mystery.  She is a Virgo but other than that very little is known about her origins. As fate would have it, at 8 weeks old and a whopping 1/2 a pound she found her way to Amy and the two of them have been inseparable ever since.  


She resides on The Upper West Side in Manhattan with her two feline sisters Patsy & Olive (who she likes to hump from time to time) and her one human older sister Scarlett. She likes to bask in air conditioning, watch The View, get massages and is a big fan of hair metal from the 80’s.  She prefers winter over summer, has issues with humidity and rain as it makes her fur frizzy and would love to eat nothing but bacon for eternity. She’s a big Red Sox fan and loathes the Yankees. She’s single. @ruby.thepom

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Sarah Paulson


"The idea that Marcia DeBonis and Amy Christopher have joined forces means that more actors are going to have an opportunity like no other, with support that can be a total game changer.


Not just one pair of discerning eyes, but two of the best! The Tape Room is going to change the experience of auditioning."

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